Value Hardwoods and Finishes

Our twelve standard stain/finish options are available on Alder, Beech and Oak hardwoods and veneers. Lanz waterborne UV clear finish coat and water-based UV stains (dispersions) protect your cabinets and enrich the grain and color of the wood.


Beech is known for its strength, affordability, density, high shock resistance, tight grain, even texture, and ability to take stains well.


Oak is tried and true. One of the hardest woods available, it has distinctive grain and texture. Oak is a great choice for durability and high use areas.


Alder is evenly textured with small pores and a subdued grain pattern. Because of the relative softness of Alder veneer, it is not offered as a flat panel/slab style door.

Finish samples presented here are subject to change due to availability. Lanz Cabinets makes no guarantee that these materials will continue to be in production. If a material is discontinued, we will make every effort to find a suitable replacement. We use only quality hardwoods and hardwood veneers. We strive to provide a finish as consistent as these natural woods and wood veneers allow. 

Like all-natural products, wood exhibits a great deal of variation; therefore, the appearance of the finished product may differ due to these variations in grain and other natural hardwood features. These differences may be more noticeable when in a raw state or with a UV natural finish. Hardwoods are also photo-reactive materials, which are affected by ultraviolet rays, so perfect color matches cannot be guaranteed when additional items are purchased subsequent to the original order. These natural wood characteristics are beyond our control, and for that reason, product variation due to wood color, grain, and other natural differences is not the responsibility of Lanz Cabinets.