Scribe and Base Shoe

Face frame cabinetry has matching wood scribe to the wood frame. Frameless cabinetry does not require scribe. 

Standard Scribe/Base Shoe

Lanz uses solid hardwood scribe molding in face frame cabinetry for the transition from finished end of the cabinet or filler to the wall. The finish is stained to match the frame of the cabinets. Any gaps due to irregularities in the wall will be covered by the scribe molding. 

*Solid wood stained to match case and door

Decorative Base Shoe

Our optional Base shoe masks any gaps where the cabinet meets the floor. This flexible solid wood molding creates a nice transition from cabinet toe skin to where they meet the flooring. 

*Solid wood stained to match case and door

Premier Base Shoe

If your project is supply only, the finished scribe and base shoe is provided uncut.