FRAMELESS doors available in woodgrain PRISM TFL with boreal and velvet finishes

  • Thermally fused laminate (TFL) surface with a TSCA Title VI compliant particle board core*
  • Boreal texture: Tactile, striated, deep, rich woodgrain
  • Velvet texture: Warm, super-smooth, matte finish
  • Dowelled construction corner joint on doors**
  • Resistant to heat, moisture, stains, and dirt
  • Matching door back

*Available in ULEF 

**Doors under 12″ wide will be a flat panel door

9" x 12" Abiqua Pine shaker door
WF459 ABIQUA PINE boreal texture
WF458 PRESTEN ASH velvet texture
WF452 KARUNA ASH velvet texture
WF457 CASTANHO boreal texture
WF460 BENHAM PINE boreal texture
WF442 CHIQUE velvet texture
WF461 KOOSAH PINE boreal texture
Boreal texture (CASTANHO) Tactile, striated, deep, rich woodgrain
Velvet texture (PRESTEN ASH) Warm, super-smooth, matte finish

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