Whole Unit Replacement

When you need a whole kitchen’s cabinetry replaced due to fire or water damage, We have a dedicated individual to walk you through the process.

We are here for you

Water, fire, or tenant damage causes a loss of revenue. That is why we offer full-unit cabinetry replacement even after the warranty has expired. We know how important it is for you to get a unit back on the market and occupied. We do our best to make cabinets that match the other units by

  • replacing the damaged unit with the same cabinetry style and finish
  • having archived plans and specifications from project
  • prioritizing re-manufacturing rehab unit cabinetry
  • having established relationships with property restoration companies

Information needed to provide replacement pricing


  • name of apartments
  • builder (if known)
  • Address
  • year of construction completion


  • Face Frame (standard or full overlay)
  • Frameless (32mm European style)

Lanz Cabinets provides replace cabinets only for our past projects. If the Lanz product and project is over (5) years old, material specifications and pictures may be helpful to identify what is needed. A sticker can be found on the top or back of the cabinet with job information on it.

If blueprints and plans are not available, Lanz will require basic cabinetry dimensions for pricing purposes. These measurements do not need to be exact, just something to give us an idea of what will be needed for the project. The more detailed the information presented, the more accurate the pricing. Include a basic layout drawing along with any out of the ordinary additions (example: Lazy suzans, bread boards, glass doors, sub decking, etc.) Pictures are always helpful if available.
Please allow at least (1) week for pricing. This is from when we receive the above information.

NOTE: Field measuring and design engineering tasks are appointed after we have a signed agreement. This is to alleviate lost time in the field and valuable design time. In addition, the signed contract also secures a spot for the project on our production schedule. Pricing may need to be adjusted to reflect any changes in cabinetry after the field measure.