List the last four positions you have held beginning with your present or last employer. Explain any lapses between times when employed. MUST BE FILLED OUT, EVEN IF ATTACHING RESUME


  • Work Hours: 8-10 hours per day

  • Overtime hours: 0-18 hours per week

  • Number of days worked: 5-6
  • Physical Requirements*

    • Stand: 6-12 hours per day
    • Walk: 3-5 hours per day
    • Bend/stoop: 2-4 hours per day
    • Squat: 2-4 hours per day
    • Crawl/kneel: 0-1 hours per day
    • Climb: 0-1 hours per day
    • Reach: 0-3 hours per day
    • Push: 0-6 hours per day
    • Pull: 0-6 hours per day
    • Lift/carry 50 to 150 lbs.
    • Carry a distance of up to 250 feet (may be required to carry cabinets up steps or across terrain)
    • *Figures listed above are approximate and usually represent maximum requirements.


Cabinet Assembler

  • Fabricate cabinets
  • Assemble cabinets and mount hardware
  • Set doors and drawers
  • Load and offload machines
  • Cut parts for various cabinets
  • Stock materials as they come in
  • Delivery Helper/Truck Loader

  • Load and unload cabinets on the delivery truck
  • Safe operation of company vehicles (Delivery Helper)
  • Understand plans and building layout
  • Package and wrap cabinets
  • Cabinet Installer

  • Safe operation of company vehicle
  • Read plans and shop drawings
  • Install cabinets and hardware
  • Maintain job site cleanliness
  • Recognize job site safety hazards
  • Complete reports
  • Machine Operator

  • Read a tape measure
  • Use machinery and saws
  • Perform maintenance and repairs on saws
  • Work in a team
  • Read drawings, schematics, and plans
  • These are only summaries of job tasks and more in-depth description is available in Human Resources.