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Thermofoil Finishes for Frameless Collections

Our collection of thermofoil finishes offer a vast array of possibilities for your decor. Many thermofoil patterns and textures that simulate wood in its natural state, as well as stained and weathered. Thermofoil also is available in some solid colors with unique textures, high gloss and super matte. 

Our display of solid colors replicate painted surfaces that resist chipping and require less maintenance than painted doors. 

With the selections we offer, you will enjoy the look and richness of wood or paint at a more affordable price.

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Thermofoil Brochure

High Gloss

Linear Texture


Standard Solids

Super Matte

Wood Ticking Texture

We've attempted to reproduce our thermofoil styles as close as possible. However, slight discrepancies may occur due to differences in monitor calibrations and color output variations.