Lanz prefers to promote employees within. We recognize the value of an employee not only by the skills they currently possess but reward and encourage personal growth by job advancement. Many of our Managers started in entry-level positions such as cabinet designer, assembler, and installer.  

Currently, the multi-family building industry is experiencing extreme growth. In order to keep up with the demand and keep the great workers, we have recently restructured our production pay scale and incentivized overtime. We are working on expanding facilities and constantly obtaining new equipment on a regular basis.

Our desire is that everyone goes home safe and is happy to come to work the next day. Comradery is important and we encourage it by having regular company-wide lunches where managers serve their staff. Employee enthusiasm encourages productivity and better company performance.

Recognition goes a long way. We have many annual company-wide events yearly. Our family-friendly summer BBQ often includes ziplining, swimming, go-carts, and prizes for every employee. A formal-themed year-end party is where we celebrate years of service, have a great night out with dancing, dinner, and entertainment. Events such as Eugene Emerald’s game with a BBQ dinner, bowling, and others are additional opportunities for employees to get to know each other outside of their daily work setting. We give quarterly bonuses that are calculated by our profit during the previous quarter. It is important that everyone is rewarded for their hard work and it continues the cycle of increased productivity.