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Hardware - Signature

Download a Decorative Hardware brochure.

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Pull 01-Bridge (128mm)

Pull 02-Wire (160mm)

Pull 03- Hammer(128mm)

Pull 04-Bar (128mm)

Pull 05-Square (128mm)

Pull 06-Square (160mm)

Pull 07-Rock (96mm)

Pull 08-Boom (128mm)

Pull 10-Flat Top (128mm)

Pull 11-Tab (106mm)

Pull 12-Tab (170mm)


Knob - Rock

Hardware Finish Legend:

  PC - Polished Chrome

  BC - Brushed Chrome

  SS - Stainless Steel

  FB - Flat Black

  BNI - Brushed Nickel

  SN - Satin Nickel

  ORB - Oil Rubbed Bronze

  APH - Satin Pewter

  AN - Anodized Aluminum

Click on a hardware item above or refer to the Decorative Hardware brochure for details on which Hardware Finishes are available for each hardware item.

The images above are only a representation of the actual finish.  For samples, contact your sales representative.