About Lanz Cabinets

Mission, Vision and Core Values

Established 5 decades ago by Darrell and Mary Lanz in Eugene, Oregon, Lanz Cabinets was built upon a foundation of providing handcrafted custom cabinetry with dependable service to a local market.
The organization has grown from that groundwork under the leadership of its current president, Brent Lanz, the founders’ oldest son, and stands today as a progressive cabinet manufacturing company that sells custom and multi-family cabinetry throughout the western United States.

Lanz Cabinets believes that we are only guests on this earth and therefore are committed to conducting business in a fashion that safeguards the earth, our employees, customers, and neighbors from environment hazards. We do this by educating ourselves and working with our suppliers to identify and use sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

We use the latest technology to reduce waste of materials, conserve energy, and limit both hazardous and non-hazardous emissions. We encourage recycling and the use of recycled products. We are and have been committed to continuous improvement of our processes and systems so we can reduce the impact that we make on this earth.

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